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As I sat eating cheetos veggies and was preparing to climb Mount Si again this past Monday as 'practice' for our upcoming trip to Mount Kilamanjaro (um...not quite the same kind of hike, but sure let's call it practice)... I found I was pressuring myself to beat my last time to the top. I'm not sure why?...Who was I trying to impress?...Was it really just for a personal best?Vintage Pocket Watch

I find it's the same discussion I have with my staff, me, myself and I (sorry that joke never gets old for me)! Who am I trying to impress, what am I trying to be? Rather than compare myself to other photographers, can't it be true inspiration. Can't we be happy when someone has an amazing image and captures some true, genuine emotion. Do we have to have photo envy or can we simply take inspiration for what it is and have it propel us forward to a new place that keeps us going.

This photo is by David Beckstead...he does some amazing things with reflections, buildings, sunflare and some unique posing...super inspirational!

There are so many things that bog us down...schedules, to-do lists, life...but in the midst of it all I want to remember that photography is something I LOVE to do. It's about people, making a connection and making them feel comfortable. Sometimes the pressure feels daunting, the pressure to continually be changing and keeping up. 

 Just when I was doubting that anything was changing, that I was standing still in my business, my wonderful husband sat me down and listed all the things that HAVE changed in the past 6 months...that no matter how big or small there is change happening and when there is no change, that's ok too...release the pressure and embrace the moment.




True words Arlene. So much of our lives are wasted with the envies of "life" stagnating the inspirations and our growth through life. Great reminder!!
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