Different yet the Same...

May 18, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

As I raise two girls it’s evident each and everyday how God has made us all completely unique!  We were not meant to be the same or what fun would the world be!?

My girls are complete opposites…different hair color, eye color, tastes in food, likes in clothing, attitudes, personality, sensitivity, and body type.  It’s more evident than ever how we can come from the same ‘factory’ (as my mom likes to call it)…really I’m a factory!? …ok!?...and we still are totally different!   And that is what I LOVE about them…so different yet inside we all have similarities.  We all want to be loved, and accepted and heard!  We all want to have friends to have fun with a safe place to land when we need a good cry! 

As I photograph many ages of girls…teenagers…women…I am in awe at how amazing all of them are EACH in their own way.   Little girls are carefree, free to be who they are with no inhabitiions. 

High school seniors wear their outfits with ease, rock their own looks and embrace whatever body type they have and I haven’t heard a negative word out of their mouth!!  (LOVE THAT) 

Mothers of young children…GORGEOUS but forget to stop and see it…so much beauty radiating from them but are busy giving to everyone else they  forget to savor the moment and time of life they are in (including me)! 

Mature women…I have met some of the most incredible women through My Best 10 at the Pro Club.  Having worked hard but neglected themselves, now taking steps to feel good, both inside & out, and embrace this stage of life.   I have learned so much from all of these ages…how as women we sometimes still feel like little girls, but how little girls act more adult like by truly not caring what anyone thinks.   

As I raise my girls (together with my husband) I want so badly for them to embrace who they are and who they want to be….NOT what someone else wants.  It’s a constant reminder for me to embrace who I am and surround myself with those who encourage that! 


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