To Save or To Spend...

April 18, 2012  •  3 Comments

As my husband and I celebrate 13 years of marriage I am reminded, by him, that we ‘work to live’ not ‘live to work’!  In 63 days we are off to Africa to climb Mount Kilamanjaro and despite being super scaaaarrrred, I mean excited, I know it will be a trip of a lifetime!!   I keep telling Bob that this isn’t in my ‘saving money’ plan…or ‘budget’ as finance gurus want to call it…but his philosophy “It’s only money, we can’t take it with us!” 

So…nuf said…let’s take on this adventure.  It’s time for me to get serious, change my attitude and decide to enjoy this journey we are about to go on.  We are heading to Africa with 8 other people and I know the challenges we will work through, the comradery we will build, will connect us for a lifetime.

Although I may not be as peaceful as the giraffe in the photo, but giraffes by nature are persistent and that I know I can be!!  Praying I summit and watch the sunrise on day 5, I know that even if I don’t this journey will be well worth it…this trip will be about both the journey and the destination and I can hardly wait!!


I love Bob's point of view.....Wise man!! I can't tell you the number of times I have said...."I wish" I done this or that....There never was enough money, time etc....etc. Live each day to the max and enjoy the moments that will be with you forever.... Time is wayyyyy too short. I know you will bring back with you a story that is amazing and you may both "touch a life" there AND they will forget you.....Love you both.... Terri
Laura B(non-registered)
That sounds wonderful! cannot wait to hear all about in and of course see all the pics!
Christina Blanarovich(non-registered)
I am looking forward to watching your journey! You two are amazing people and I'm so glad we connected! I'll be cheering you on every altitude increase! LOL.
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