A Song to be Sung...

March 27, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I have known Jessi for a while now...casually through church and a few other 'sightings' here and there.  There is something about her, a spark...a warm & friendly smile!  She makes you want to have coffee with her so that's what we did!!


That's when I found out she grew up in a musical family, watching her dad play guitar and her mom play piano. She always knew she wanted the same. So rather than just sitting on the side lines watching her dad she joined in. She was surrounded by country music, bluegrass and old hymns, and started singing at a young age. In high school and college she sang jazz music where she learned about improvisation (making up melodies), and eventually started writing her own songs.The combination of her upbringing and high school music classes led her to start learning the the guitar in college. Tapping into her heart & soul she would write lyrics and end up with a sweet melody to them. Wanting to share her heart with others songs continued to flood her head!!

Fast forward to some life in between now and then, a family and earning a living she has come back to her love of playing and singing.

She started the Arts Community at Mill Creek 4 Square church and has found real community and support along with many others.   The thought she kept having was..."I've got to get these songs off my couch"  maybe she was secretly inspired by Billy Oceans 1988 song "Get outta my dreams, get into my car"...or maybe not. (Sorry complete side note)

The Arts community meets twice a month and has allowed Jessi to dream bigger.  She has written 16 songs in the past year and a half and she is hopeful to move forward with being able to share them with the world.

We all have times in our life when we are struggling to find purpose and direction.  I certainly don't think there is an 'age' this happens I think it just happens...we evaluate, ask for signs, make decisions and try to find the steps to make it happen.  It's not always that clear and I know we can find ourselves in a place and wonder "how did I get here" but with faith and confidence I believe HE shows us! 

This has happened for Jessi.  She has received confirmation in various ways in recent months, including the unexpected gift of a guitar from someone she barely knew.  This person felt that the guitar was supposed to go to her as a gift, and little did this person know this would be a huge confirmation for her...the gift of obedience to God on the part of the giver, and her willingness to recieve it confirmed the next step of her journey.

Who will God bless by you obeying or receiving...you can find her on her new facebook page or on you tube singing her heart out!



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