Pure awww!

March 06, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

You would think it was Christmas morning the way my girls woke up and were excited to see SNOW!!  Yes SNOW...it's March and we live in Washington and in the 13 years I have lived here it's barely snowed let alone 3 times in 2 months!!  I love the clean fresh look the snow brings and it reminds me of my Canadian prairie upbringing...however I think I could live without it!  Regardless I had to capture my girls standing at the window in pure AWWW of the winter wonderland that lie below.  Heidi in true appreciation grabbed her Santa hat to relive a bit of the Christmas wonder! 

Today I am looking up...sometimes I find my head is so far in the computer I forget to be in awwww of the world around me.  To me that means appreciating my girls for who God made them.  The emotion Eva wears on her sleeve and the quirky, strong will of Heidi!  This morning my girls taught me it's ok to just "be"...just "be" in awww...and just "be" me! 



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