NYC:: Cabs, Must Haves, & A "Star"

March 13, 2012  •  4 Comments

This past weekend we took a 'planned impromtu' trip to NYC! :)  The Big Apple...well I didn't see many apples but it certainly is big!  Not only is it big but maybe that's why the cabs drive so get where they are going in a decent amount of time.

We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary - just the 2 of us (and 7 million New Yorkers) regardless it was fabulous!  Walking...walking...walking, eating...eating...eating, &  I loved the time we got to just 'BE' together even in a fast paced city.

Of course because I am, I mean feel 21, we had to stop at FOREVER can you say huge...4 floors packed full of style, all for me. :)  Well with the exception of the guys corner, and a kids nook.  Our 2 a.m. excursion (yes they are open that late) didn't allow for much time to get through each floor (Bob was secretly high-fiving himself) but I DID find a kelly green dress that was a MUST HAVE.

Now for the other reason NYC was the destination of choice for our anniversary.  A photographer that feels like a friend even though I only know her through her blog & facebook.  A real person who shares the same struggles in life, love & business.  We took in Jasmine Stars the FIX friday night, along with 200 other NY area photographers.  Not only did we meet some spectacular photographers but I truly feel I met some friends, comrades, for life.  We may live on opposite coasts but with a facebook group Cassi Claire set up it has been an amazing place to converse, share and ask questions.  I walked away from that knowing I CAN DO THIS!!  Being confident in who I am and the experience I want my client to have.  Jasmine said "If all you do is to walk away with one thing, one thing you are going to do, then it's worth it."  And it soooo was! (Plus I walked away with more than one thing...BONUS)

And even though Bob thinks my jokes are terrible, I must have said something funny...or maybe it was almost falling...I can't remember :)

Thank you NY - you are fabulous!  And thank you to an amazingly supportive husband who is totally ok being 1 of 8 guys in a room of 192 women.  I love that about you & I love you!!  (Thank you Angelica Criscuolo for the photo-it maybe the only one we got together on our trip).




arlene chambers photography
Thank you !!! We did have a wonderful anniversary!! (And Cassi yes Anthropologie, thanks to a dear friend)!! ;)
Jasmine Star(non-registered)
It was SO nice meeting you and Happy Anniversary! :)
Phil (one of the other 8 guys)(non-registered)
Such an awesome night! Happy anniversary!
Cassi Claire(non-registered)
You are absolutely gorgeous!! And I must have been too distracted by all the craziness to notice your ADORABLE outfit!! It looks like an anthropologie dress I saw once upon a time! Thank you so much for the link-back my dear, and you have to let me know the next time you guys come visit NYC! We can have a double-date! :)
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