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February 28, 2012  •  1 Comment

I love to bake...however having the time to bake is one thing and keeping little fingers out of the baking is another.  Passing down little baking secrets from my mom to my girls is something I always knew I wanted to do. Though they aren't really secrets..a little of this and a touch of that, and a lot of "not measuring"...I like to think they are tricks my mom taught me!  I don't do extravagant baking but I have a quick and easy chocolate chip banana bread that is my go to recipe.  Whether it's taking some to a friend who just had surgery or to a potluck (yep I go to potlucks) as a sweet treat...somehow I never come home with left overs!


As I smell the yummy bread baking in the oven, I can't help but thank Spotify for providing some music to go along.  As I like to say 'Life is better to music' and so is food...Spotify makes this happen and it's FREE (with some commercials but I don't mind)! 


I've always liked to find rustic, unique locations for photo sessions.  Even if I have to use the same place I try to make it look a bit different everytime I am there (not to mention the people totally make the location)!  I have decided to challenge myself again to finding new places.  Even if they look similar to an area I have previously done sessions at I am pushing to get out of my comfort zone.  I came across a run down building as I was driving around the other day.  Little did I realize the back of the property was an old orchard. Um score!!! I wrote a little note on my business card and stuck it in the mailbox in the driveway.  I have done this before and often don't get a call back BUT this super nice lady called me back and totally was on board for me using her property...ANYTIME...WHAT!!??  Sometimes it pays to take a risk...people still have huge hearts out there we just need to find them...and to not forget to say THANK YOU!

(More of Carlee & Tim's session to come).


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