arlene chambers photography: Blog en-us (C) arlene chambers photography (arlene chambers photography) Thu, 03 May 2018 16:28:00 GMT Thu, 03 May 2018 16:28:00 GMT arlene chambers photography: Blog 120 80 The Chaos of Babies... Photographing babies has its challenges and its rewards.  It can be chaotic but the outcome is worth it.  My philosophy is time.  Don't rush...feed them...keep them warm and let them be.  The world is new to them and they too are human beings...not dolls. 

I photograph both in my in-home area as well as my clients home.  It's best if we talk about lighting and how your home is setup to make sure it works but I will say sometimes it's nice to come into your environment and let you all just 'be'.  And other times, it's nice to get out and bring the excitement to me.  We chat, figure out clothing and the different looks we can potentially do and how a session will flow.


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Comfy at Home... In home sessions are becoming more and more popular,  probably more with couples but I loved being able to do one with this adorable family.

Their big windows allowed the sunshine to stream in and made for a light airy feel!  Letting the kids jump and run freely (with a bit of random containment) was refreshing!

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How Olivia is a Miracle:: Surviving more than just Hurricane Harvey I have known Olivia since she was born. Her parents were told by doctors that she should be terminated because she was suppose to be down syndrome. Her parents refused to listen and of course would accept and love Olivia no matter what...Olivia arrived June 6, 2000 and was perfect.
She is now 17 and a senior in Friendswood, Texas. She is my 'niece' by love not my blood and I love her dearly. She is a miracle in so many ways and oozes love and an energy that has helped her with her own photography business she has crafted in Texas.

I met Carli, Olivia's good friend,when we were there this past August. She was kind enough to babysit my girls for an evening and hang out with us adults a bit. She is vibrant and fun and these two will miss each other when school is done.
We ventured around Houston find sketchy warehouses and rooftops and ending downtown in the city lights.

They have managed to survive #Harvey and have been helping out neighbors and shelters and being part of a community!!

You two ladies are gorgeous and full of life. Don't ever lose that. Life is just starting for you both and I can't wait to see where God leads you!

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Tisha + Ryan:: Heritage Hall Kirkland Wedding He watches her as she saunters through the room and can’t take his eyes off her. He is her rock and keeps her in reality. She never knew love would feel like this and they both feel they equally won the jackpot.
Having had some very honest conversations recently with Tisha, it is evident how much these two just belong. She never knew someone like Ryan existed. As we chatted (on the phone) and he laid beside her snoring, she feels so peaceful knowing they are both right where they are to be. Resting in bed…kidding…married and together.
Their day was a hot and steamy one in the PNW…only 93 degrees but these two made it work and kept their spirits about them. It was fun to see Tisha surprised at how beautiful everything was as EVENTful Moments got all the décor together, including a last minute surprise with the tablecloths Tisha was pining for. Jessica pulled out all the stops with a miracle and found a vendor with them and they were perfect…I loved the texture!
They were married at Heritage Hall in Kirkland, WA with a small guest list and one request of Tisha…everyone was to wear white. It was beautiful…a white party! It definitely made it feel even more like summer!

People adore this couple, I heard so many kind words about them all day and into the evening…
Congratulations you two what a HOT and fabulous day it was!
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Venue:: Heritage Hall Kirkland, WA
Coordinator:: EVENTful Moments - Jessica Campbell Jess Bartleson
DJ:: Otto-Matic Mobile Music 
Caterer:: Redmond's Bar and Grill
Cake Artist:: Paul Massey
MUA:: Timaree Rae 
Shana Rogers - Bridal bouquets
Carly Linger & Monica Linger Venue Flowers
Rentals:: CORT Party Rental
Hair:: Kristin Rahm 

Photographer: Arlene Chambers Photography/ Seattle Wedding Photographer

Seattle Wedding Photographer

2nd Photographer: Brooks Scribner

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Darcy + Tom:: DeLille Cellars Woodinville Wedding They had waited for what seemed like forever for each other…and now for this day. So many life changes happened quickly for these two and finding each other was definitely the icing on the cake. Tom looks at Darcy with an endearing smile and she returns it promptly. They make each other laugh and have a quiet, tender love. 
They don’t have to say much to say a lot to each other. As we walked around the venue, Tom would ever so gently guide Darcy at the small of her back ensuring she was ok in her heels and not too hot. It’s really in the little things. And these two make it work.

With Darcy losing her dad just a few months ago, her mom walked her down the aisle.  There were some emotional moments during the day remembering her dad and I feel giving acknowledgment helps even if it means a few tears.  Darcy is super close with her mom and sister and their bond is evident. 

Tom's good friend officiated the ceremony which made it that much more special.  It was a quaint group of friends that celebrated these two and so much sincerity and love for them.  During the toasts Molly praised Darcy for her dancing skills as well as her loyal lifetime friendship.  Life is about these connections and hearing their toasts celebrate and welcome these two and their 'togetherness' is inspiring.

I feel blessed to know these two and witness their love. Everyone supports them emphatically and could not stop talking about how special they are as a couple.
They are off to Italy for their honeymoon and I am sure enjoying tons of bread and wine…
Much love to you two…


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Venue::  DeLille Cellars
Caterer::  A Platinum Event
Wedding Coordinator:: Kristen Molina / A Platinum Event
Florist::  Julie Borrud/ Bella Rugosa
Cake Artist:: Dessert Works
DJ::  Branden Landon
Wedding Gown::  La Belle Elaine’s Bridal Dress Shop
Shoes:: Badgley Mischka
Hair::  Becky Tripicchio
Makeup:: Shannon Mercil
Bridesmaids Gowns::  Vera Wang/ David’s Bridal
Suits::  Macy’s
Officiant:: Jake Snider
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography / Seattle Wedding Photographer

Seattle Wedding Photographer
2nd Photographer:: Brooks Scribner

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Whitlee + Billy :: Newcastle Golf Course Wedding
He may not love that she is notoriously late, but he sure loves her.  She may not love that he burnt  overcooked their meal on their second date, but she sure loves him.  It was and is evident these two have the giddy kind of love.  The one where she glances at him and reaches for her hand to kiss it.  Where genuine affection is pure and true love exists no matter what life throws their way!  
Whitlee’s design was inspired by her love for the peaceful smell of lavender and  with wheat as a reminder of her grandma it was a no brainer for J9Bing Floral & Event Planning to combine the two.  With the Newcastle club having a few areas with some purple ‘ish’ flowers (sorry names escape me as I am no horticulturist) it felt natural to make them part of their portrait backdrop.
Billy’s sister was a bit concerned about Billy’s vows as he is not much of a story writer but let me tell you Billy knocked it out of the park.  With memories and stories and expressions of the quirky things he loves about Whitlee – it was a tear jerker.  Equally as emotional were Whitlee’s vows.  This girl has some facial expressions, from crying to laughing she let it all out and had the guests reaching for tissue.
With one entertaining DJ Tim Humphrey they danced into the night and left to some crazy sparklers (but maybe that was just around my head)??
This couple is authentic…that’s the best word for them.  Laid back in their own right but they love each other fiercely.  They have family support that is strong and I know they are going to make it…and with a honeymoon in Figi, what a fabulous way to start life as husband and wife.


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Venue::  The Golf Club at Newcastle
Caterer::  Newcastle
Wedding Coordinator:: Janine / J9Bing
Florist::  Janine / J9Bing
Videographer:: Best Made Videos Reid Johnson

Cake Artist::  Jeannie Kehn
DJ::  Tim Humphrey / Ideal Entertainment
Hair:: Obadiah Hair Salon
Bridesmaids Gowns::  David’s Bridal
Suits::  Men’s Wearhouse
Officiant:: Don Kersey
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography / Seattle Wedding Photographer

Seattle Wedding Photographer
2nd Photographer:: Dan’yelle McNeely



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Jordan + Bryce:: Hidden Meadows Snohomish Wedding They met at UW…and it didn’t take long for them to fall in love. Becoming the best of friends, Jordan has been patiently waiting for this day…and now she is Mrs. Garbe.
Hidden Meadows seems to always have the perfect weather and combined with  a stellar team of vendors makes for a seemless day!! 
EVENTful Moments definitely makes the day run smooth and does such an elegant job with whatever decor they design.  And... they are such a fun team to work with. 
I love how passionately these two love, Jordan often throwing her arms around Bryce with no notice. Bryce embracing it all and once in a while checking Jordan out, in awe that he gets to marry her! 
Their families love and adore them and have given them the fullest of support.  They each have a bond with their mothers that is inspiring.  Jordan's mom is so free and open and I love her displays of affection for her daughter!  
They are the sweetest couple. They couldn’t stop saying Thank you to me…and really I should be thanking them. They trusted me whole heartedly with their day and it was, for lack of a better word, perfect!
During the ceremony they combined the UW colors in sand signifying their unity, as well as communion for commitment.   They sealed their love with a kiss and couldn't wait to enjoy the night with their guests!
After a night of dancing they left to a glow stick exit and a burn out (well not quite) in Bryce's dads 67 camero AND...with one last stop we ceased a moment in the night down the street in a cloud of smoke...
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Garbe...your honeymoon to Antigua awaits!! 


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Venue::  Hidden Meadows
Caterer::  Wooden Spoon
Wedding Coordinator:: EVENTful Moments
Florist::  Flowers By Tiffany
Cake Artist::  Angie Oliver, friend
DJ::  Ottomatic Mobile Music- Otto
Signs::  Chalk Boss
Wedding Gown::  The White Dress, Portland
Shoes:: Betsy Johnson
Hair::  Angie Oliver
Makeup:: Delaney Nohavec
Bridesmaids Gowns::  David’s Bridal
Suits::  Men’s Wearhouse
Officiant:: Monty Wright, Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography / Seattle Wedding Photographer

Seattle & Snohomish Wedding Photographer
2nd Photographer:: Brooks Scribner


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Perms & Crimped Hair...Bringin Sexy Back... I would sit in front of my full length, gold trimmed, 80’s, tri-fold, closet doors (mirrored of course)  staring at myself for hours.   Call it vanity, call it indecisiveness, call it being a teen…ok now I am dating myself for sure…I found myself trying to figure out who I was. 

My mom yelling checking in on me, from the other room, 'Are you doing your hair AGAIN??  Why are you washing off your makeup?   Does it need to take you this long to get ready!?'  Well YESSS my 5 inch hair didn’t stand straight up on its own ya know…it took time.  It was ART!

Little did I realize this was all part of who God made me to be.  I am sure it was annoying and I am sure I took waaaaay too long to get dressed.  And trying new hair and makeup styles were challenging to understand, especially when my parents DID want to hang a school photo in the house and knew I may one day regret that huuuuuge, backcombed perm.

One day at a time, one phase at a time…I sit here 40 years old.  Having been a banker, a manager in an escrow office, immigrating to a new country, getting married, loving spicy food (ok that's a bonus tidbit) and now a mom of tweeners (gosh -I have now have other hair stories I can tell you)…I STILL love doing my hair, makeup and changing my outfit 3x a day…ok not everyday and somedays it may just be a variety of yoga pants!!  More importantly it has been such a treat to find such talented people in an ubiquitous field, that have shared their craft with me.  To see how they express their art and heck I love being a canvas! 

What once was an annoying habit has led me to seeing detail that others may not see.  And not in a critical  or comparing sort of way.  IN a way of embracing how different we all are.  Shapes, sizes, eye color, noses, birthmarks and let’s not forget personalities – YES these do come across in a photo! 

Being in front of the camera is such good perspective for me, to see what it's like on the other side!  To know ways I can make my clients more comfortable.  To study poses that work for different body types and get people to laugh and relax.  We don’t breathe enough, I mean we breathe but don’t BREATHE.  We rush through life forgetting to connect and enjoy.   

I am so grateful for those days of doing and RE-doing my wing eyeliner…and learning how to curl and crimp my hair…cause let me tell ya I am bringing sexy    I mean, crimping back…ok so it may look like you’re hair is fried but it adds a thickness that no ‘thickening’ shampoo could EVER do!

Those days of playing with different looks taught me to embrace my differences…and even though it may have taken me 40 years, I am sure I have  a lot to learn in my next 40 – yes I am only living till 80 cause  living to 100 seems daunting…just sayin’!

Cheers to dressing up, changing outfits, and having a hubs who is willing to endure and even have fun while doing it!  (And notice --HE too had an outfit change) :)

Thanks to ::

Timaree - Hair, Makeup and Personal Photos

Ryan Flynn Photography - Anniversary/ Couple Photos


Nordstrom - Free People, BP, Steve Madden, Nike

Zara - Leather coat

Laineemeg Bridal - Cream Tulle Skirt

Anthropologie - Hat

Floryday - Blue/White floral dress

Forever21 - Jewelry


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Tameron + Michael:: JM Cellars Meeting at work several years ago has finally led to these two saying ‘I DO’ in front of an intimate group of family and friends. 
It was a quaint wedding at JM Cellars, without a wedding party but with Mike’s kids playing a super important role  and supporting them on their special day.  Piper, Mike’s daughter watched as Tameron got ready and you can tell she admires her.  She would peek around the corner of the bathroom as Tameron was putting on her final touches.  Karmichael  hung out with his dad playing pool with the guys, definitely enjoying some down time prior to ‘having’ to dress up!
When pulling out Mike & Tameron’s rings to photograph them I realized there were two engagement rings.  Chuckling Tameron explained that she just couldn’t decide,so why not have both.  Gosh, love her way of thinking!!
Mike is rather laid back…quiet and a very gentle spirit.  He has a way about him that of course made Tameron fall head over heels for him.
As they prepped for their first look, Jacky from Event Success beautifully coordinated all the décor for an outdoor reception.  Fena Flowers provided the florals that were simple, romantic and classic.  The place cards were so unique…I thought at first they could be a bookmark, but nope they were floral on the outside and had seeds on the inside so guests could take them home and plant them as a memory of the day.  So cute!!  It was hard to believe that the weather in the PNW turned straight out of ‘A Summer Night’s Dream’.  It was as if we had been transported to California for the day.
Tameron nervously awaited Mike to approach her for their first look.  Her hair was cascading down her shoulders and the sun so graciously smothered the trees.  Mike sauntered down the stairs only seeing her from the back (which is a view he doesn’t mind either)…but as she turned you could see relief in both of them…huge smiles and so relaxed and happy to embrace each other.
Of course we took advantage of different areas of the property and greeted guests who were arriving along the way.  Time sure does fly even when you have an evening ceremony.
Windsong Trio serenaded with orchestra music as Tameron was walked by Karmicheal down the aisle.  With quick and to the point nuptials inside the barrel room they said ‘I DO’, kissed and ran out with streamers flying as husband and wife.  Guests enjoyed the venues wine as well as tasty hors d’oevres by Kaspars Catering.   Cheese, meats and unique crackers filled the tables as family and friends mingled. 
As everyone enjoyed the meal along with cake from Midori Bakery, a few toasts and a casual  evening was shared by all. 
It was the perfect day for Tameron & Mike.   Finally married and soooo ready to leave for their Tahitian honeymoon.  

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Venue:: JM Cellars
Coordinator::  Jacky @ Event Success
Florals:: Fena Flowers
Videographer:: Unified Cinematic 
Catering:: Kaspars Special Events & Catering
Music:: Windsong Classical Trio
Officiant:: Elaine
Hair & Makeup::  Kathy Evans Beauty Studios
CORT Party Rental
Vintage Ambiance
La Tavola Fine Linen
GreenLight Events
British Motor Coach
2nd Photographer:: Brooks Scribner Photography

Seattle Wedding Photographer:: Arlene Chambers

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Elaine+Erik:: Within Sodo When it comes to sincerity and kind hearted, these two are it.  Easy to be around, great communicators (I won’t say over-communicators, cause truthfully I don’t really feel you can communicate too much) and fun to be around.  Some may say that Elaine is ‘particular’ in her style…but with details like these ‘particular’ is welcomed all day long.
Jen Leslie Events joined Elaine in her vision and did an impeccable job executing it.   Vibrant, gorgeous florals, candles, an array of cute signs by Chalk Boss and the yummiest cakes...yes CAKES with an 'S' by Eat More Cake by Candice.  Elaine's good friend Lane, from Simply Borrowed PDX, added to the decor with vintage trays, pillows, and chairs.
As we entered Elaine’s suite at the Kimpton Alexis Hotel we were met with friendly Hellos and a warmth from her bridesmaids.  Everyone helping each other get ready and enjoying being together.  Elaine’s  hair and reverse halo (done by the talented Karen Reichert) looked stunning and she couldn’t wait to get dressed to see Erik.

Meanwhile Erik and the guys were ahead of the game ready and enjoying their drink of choice, Whiskey.  Erik taking a moment to open Elaine’s gift, personalized cufflinks, he was now prepared for the rest of the day.  I always love when a couple takes the time to exchange cards with sentimental words prior to the first look.  Erik's gift was a jewelry shopping day in Paris on their honeymoon....what better than quality time together, jewelry and um..PARIS!!  Elaine's card to Erik not only had words of affection but instructions for when to read what side...her attention to detail never ceases to amaze me.
Deciding to have their first look near the hotel in order to settle their nerves prior to taking a bus around the city for photos was a must.  We found a spot across the street and despite being yelled at by ‘Paul Blart’ (I mean a security guard) for moving a ‘Caution’ sign,  Erik was with great anticipation.
Elaine in all her gorgeous-ness effortlessly strolled across the crosswalk to approach Erik.  All smiles, Erik was beaming and Elaine grinned from ear to ear!  As the sun blessed us with its' presence, we embraced it and moved around the city with the bridal party.
I had big plans for a few areas around the city and what do you do when the elevator to the parking garage is broken!? You find a back alley!  And when the pier is closed off due to bounce and find another area.  Being flexible and thinking on your feet is important in general but certainly on wedding days when navigating a busy city and big bridal party.

Ending up at Within Sodo for the ceremony and reception we were greeted by family eager to see these two tie the knot.  They chose to have an intimate, unplugged ceremony with no photos to be posted till later in the night.   You could almost hear the audience choke back tears as Elaine declared ‘It was always you’ in her vows.  It too caused me to pause letting her words soak in. 

After the ceremony they took some time to enjoy the friends and family that were there before having a more extensive reception.  The sun that so graciously appeared for us gave us a perfect sunset, and what better place than the back alley to enjoy it.  I must say I love a good sunset mixed with an industrial backdrop.
I loved how they worked with Jen Leslie Events to create a close ceremony with space in between the ceremony and reception, incorporating a relaxed environment and a way to greet guests as they trickled in prior to the evening beginning. 
These two are the ideal balance of OCD and relaxed.  Elaine’s romantic style met with Erik’s willingness to let her choose make these two a wonderful combo.   I think their cake cutting was indicative of their relationship…Elaine smashing cake (delicious cake, might I add,from Eat More Cake) into Erik’s face, while Erik gently fed Elaine her bitesize piece. YESSSSS….

Nearing the end of the night after many laughs and shots of whiskey were consumed, I snuck them upstairs to the rooftop fire.  Standing still by the fireside may have been difficult at that moment for Erik as he was ready to cut loose on the dance floor, BUT it was at that moment I saw, once again, why these two are so good together.  Elaine whispered in Erik's ear and then grabbed his hands...stood there by the fire and each took a deep breath.  It was such a peaceful moment and the backlit, fireside photo I took  may just be one of my favorites to date.  

 I kept hearing them say throughout the day ‘it’s just perfect, what a perfect day’…and hearing from them Sunday about how they were both in awe of how it all turned out (despite many days of worrying about the unpredictable Seattle weather)…it really did turn out FLAWLESS.  
Ending with  Dick's Drive In Restaurant Burgers was a huge treat and everyone LOVED them...I have never seen burgers devoured so fast...including Erik's 2 year old niece! 

You two are impeccable…enjoy PARIS…and a few million crepes for me! 


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Venue:: Within Sodo
Coordinator:: Jen Leslie Events
Florist::  Jen Leslie Events
Cake Artist::  Eat more Cake by Candice
Caterer::  Porkchop & Co.
Late Night Snack:: Dick’s Burgers
DJ::  DJ Malo, Danny
Wedding Gown::  BHLDN
Shoes:: Badgley Mischka
Suits:: Nordstrom
Calligraphy & Signs:: Chalk Boss
Stationary::  Minted
Jewelers:: Bony Levy The Mrs. Box
Makeup & Bridesmaids Hair:: Salon Maison
Hair Stylist:: Karen Reichert
Bridesmaids Dressess:: BHLDN
Officiant:: Margo Helgen
Rentals:: CORT Party Rental
              Vintage Ambiance
        Something Borrowed Portland
        Creative Bus
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
2nd Photographer:: Brooks Scribner Photography

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Brittany + Jacob:: Lord Hill Farms It started at the race track but not with gambling (they were far too young for that)…but with dirt bikes (flat track). Jacob had seen Brittany out of the corner of his eye while talking with her sister Kayla. He mustered up the courage to ask Kayla for her baby sister’s number…and…from then on Jacob realized he could multi-task as he was equally interested in Brittany as his racing…ok maybe more!
These two have been dating since high school and are inseparable. With Brittany hardly missing a race of Jacob’s and Jacob including her in all aspects of his life…they are best friends and absolutely enjoy the life they have created! With a shared love for their dogs and new additions…more bikes…they are sure to have an adventurous future.
I have had the pleasure of photographing aspects of this families life for years. I feel honored to have been asked to document this special day of Brittany & Jacobs, and although it wasn’t summer we could not have asked for a better day to celebrate! Brittany may disagree considering the goosebumps she had but of course I couldn’t complain!
Their wedding was held at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish. Brittany wanted to have everything at one location and end with a big celebration with her friends. And…that’s what they had. 
Arriving at the venue ready to get dressed, she slipped into her graceful, glamorous, lace & tulle gown from Laineemeg Bridal. It draped her fit body impeccably, showing off her toned arms that she works hard at maintaining at Crossfit. With her sister, and best of friends helping her with the final touches she was ready to see Jacob.
Jacob, although not showing too much excitement outwardly was thrilled to finally get to see his bride.
She slowly approached her groom and Jacob, usually serious nature, was now beaming with a grin! They embraced and they were ready to get their day started. Together!
It was an incredible day for February in the PNW. The rain had subsided and the sun was even gracing us with its presence. They took some time to enjoy each other…savoring the moment, slowing down the pace of the day. Jacobs dad brought his restored, vintage truck so incorporating that into some photos was special.
They had a fabulous wedding party. Fun and flexible and easy going!! Although the sun had appeared it was still rather brisk. It was easy for me to think it was warm as I was dressed in a parka and the poor bridesmaids were in sleeveless dresses. Sporting their gowns from Hermosa bridal they hung in there and had chipper attitudes!
Ready to warm up they headed inside for the ceremony. It is always so meaningful when they choose an officiant that is a special friend as well. Their close friend Tyler performed the short but poignant service. Saying ‘I Do’ to forever and sealing it with a kiss they ran down the aisle as husband and wife.
Cocktail hour commenced and drinks and dinner were enjoyed by all. A few toasts followed with special words from almost everyone in the bridal party and both fathers. With both parents still being together it was particularly momentous to have their Dad’s toast some significant expressions of love to them. They have a lot of love and support around them with most saying ‘ABOUT TIME’ they tied the knot!
The cake was cut, the bouquet was fought over and the garter was thrown…it was time to dance. It didn’t take long for the crowd to get into the music. With the guests joining in to celebrate these two with a money dance…it added a lot of laughter and got people moving!! 
The ended their celebration running through a sea of light…Sparklers…you know those mini fire-works that you pray light up the sky and not someones outfit! Everyone cheered them on and their family and friends are excited for what lies ahead for them. As their get away truck left the parking lot I kept hearing happy sentiments for the couple! It’s encouraging and inspiring…and I wish them so much happiness.
You two are special…you have a unique kind of love. Marriage is beautiful and tough somedays but like one of your groomsmen said in his toast ‘Somehow we know you two are gonna make it’…Much love!!



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Venue: Lord Hill Farms

Caterer: Lord Hill Farms

Florist: Costco

Cake Artist: Cupcake Couture Trish Mcknight

DJ: Ramon Villalovos

Wedding Gown: LaineeMeg Bridal

Shoes: TOMS

Suits: Men's Wearhouse

Hair & Makeup: Miranda McGuire

(arlene chambers photography) Brittany Chevy Costco Jacob LaineeMeg Lord Hill Farms Red TOMS Truck chambers family life love photographer photography snohomish wedding Sat, 11 Feb 2017 19:15:00 GMT
Gabrielle+James:: St. George and Sodo Park My phone rang and it was this upbeat chipper gal on the other end.  Having photographed her fellow college friend in the summer, Gabbie was super excited to tell me all about her wedding.  She was ecstatic.  I could almost ‘hear’ her beaming from ear to ear.  Adoring words flowed from her lips about her fiancé, Jimi and how they couldn’t wait to get married.  She had a ton of plans for the reception and her enthusiasm definitely made me smile!  Of course her excitement to hire me made me anticipate their big day even more.
Gabbie comes from a Lebanese family…vibrant and full of love for each other.  They value the tight knit bond that family can provide and just walking into her home we not only saw it - we felt it.
With her dad passing 10 years too soon,  there were certainly parts of the day that were teary and sentimental.  Everyone had such kind words and acknowledged him and his presence.   

There were a lot of little Lebanese traditions shared that day.  Friends and family gathered at the brides mothers home to enjoy special chocolates and treats flown in from a bakery in Lebanon.  They also each took time to have a photo with the bride prior to the grooms mother and father arriving to ‘steal’ her away.  Sharon, Jimi’s mom gifted Gabbie with some heirloom items::  earrings, a rosary and a handkerchief…it was a tender moment as Gabbie received these gifts.
Music  started to play and confetti started to fly.  They celebrated Jimi’s parents taking her to meet her handsome groom.  Everyone flocked in the streets chanting and doing their celebratory cheer!!

Meanwhile Jimi and his groomsmen were getting ready at a nearby hotel trying to relax, as a night of dancing was awaiting them.

Gabbie and her girls hopped on the party bus and headed to a park down the road to have her first look with Jimi.  She could hardly wait.  The day was here and as she reflected she was in awe!
We found a forest like spot at this park.  Jimi was amongst the trees and was anticipating Gabbie’s arrival.  He turned around and was enamored.  Her nerves finally calmed and their embrace was such a symbol of what they are to each other.  Peace.
The sun was shining…it may have been chilly but finding an open area with some pretty cascading light was more than I could have hoped.  They enjoyed some time together and endured the brisk weather.  The bridal party had such good attitudes and were full of fun banter! 
Gabbie was so graceful…her dress hung on her and gave the illusion that she was floating.  Jimi, poised and somewhat composed couldn’t stop smiling at her!!  It wasn’t long before we had to get to the church for the ceremony.  We made a brief stop at Sodo Park, where the reception was going to be, for a few other photos then we were off to the church.

It was a beautiful Catholic ceremony at St. George Church.  With an encouraging and loving liturgy spoken, communion was taken, vows were exchanged and they were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Lewnes.
They ran down the aisle ready to sign their marriage certificate.  We quickly did some group family photos and then made our way to enjoy the reception party at Sodo Park. 

Sodo is a stunning warehouse.  Walking in, the tables had a simple yet elegant feel to them.  Stunning centerpieces and an overall romantic ambiance filled the room.  Gabbie had a vision to keep people entertained throughout the night (just in case they weren’t into dancing). 
First up was a Cigar bar…I mean with it not raining people being able to be outside in January (in Seattle) was a treat in itself.    The cookie table was full of decadent sweets to savor.  It was hard not to hover around that table all night.  
As dinner was about to start Gabbie & Jimi made their entrance and went straight into their first dance.   It was followed by Jimi’s dance with his mom and Gabbie’s special dance with her mom.  Let me tell you those two ladies can move!!  Much love and affection were expressed during the toasts with a few moments of tender emotion shared by all.  Words of affirmation and an excitement for their future was evident.   The cake was cut and dancing commenced!  This was surely a dancing crowd.  I am not sure Gabbie left the dance floor for more than a minute here and there.
The Gelato bar and Caricature artist both arrived offering more variety for the guests to enjoy.   The line for the gelato spoke for itself, as the scoops were generous and were full of delicious-ness (yes you bet I had some).  Gabbie wanted something different than a photobooth so that’s how she landed on the caricature artist idea.  They were so talented.  I have to say not only in their artistic ability but in their knowledge of peoples ancestry based on face shape and features. 

The crowd continued to dance of course working up an appetite so why not bring in….HAPPY MEALS…McDonald happy meals were delivered and people loved it!  Gabbie thought of everything.
Ending the night with a bang…or shall I say sparkle..they ran through the crowd as everyone congratulated them.  It was a seamless day and they couldn’t have been more ready for their honeymoon.
Congratulations you two. You are dynamic and definitely the makings of a power couple.  It’s lovely to see how much people love you and it was an honor to share in your day!

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Reception Venue::  Sodo Park  
Ceremony Venue:: St. George
Caterer::  Herban Feast
Coordinator:: Elise Rushton
Florist::  Love Blooms, Katrina Allen
Videographer:: Best Made Videos 
Cake Artist::  Borracchini’s Bakery
DJ::  Sounds Unlimited
Wedding Gown::  Romashka Bridal, Maggie Sottero
Shoes:: Blue by Betsey Johnson
Suits::  Mens Wearhouse
Hair & Makeup:: Posh Styling
Bridesmaids Gowns::  I DO Bridal
Suits::  Men’s Wearhouse
Officiant:: Rev. Kevin Duggan
Cigars:: JR Cigars
Caricature Artist:: Muggshotz
Gelato Bar:: Gelatiamo
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
2nd Photographer:: Brooks Scribner
Photographer::  Bob Chambers

(arlene chambers photography) Artist Best Made Videos Betsey Johnson Borracchini's Bakery Cake Caricature Cigar Bar Gelatiamo Gelato Happy Meal Herben Feast I Do Bridal Lebanese Love Blooms Maggie Sottero Men's Wearhouse Muggshotz Romashka Bridal SODO Sodo Park Sounds Unlimited St. George arlene bride chambers life love photographer photography seattle wedding Sat, 14 Jan 2017 17:36:00 GMT
A HUGE Thank you... When I started this journey in 2010 I truly never knew it was what I always wanted to do.  People have energy and I love being around them.  My clients have a way of being contagious and even if I am trying to make them comfortable in front of the camera they always have a way of impacting me and I feel, I leave more encouraged than they do. 

Everyone has a story and people are absolutely intriguing.  We are all  different yet have so many similarities.  Being married almost 18 years there have certainly been bumps in the road.  Big bumps, little bumps and some potholes as well.  Let's just say I could definitely use a few construction zone signs here and there! 

Being part of peoples happiest day, seeing their chemistry, their love, their fairytale come to life is an both honor and emotional.  Emotional to remember those times as well as knowing not everyday is a fairytale.  Challenges come and real life sets in...what I am learning is life is often BOTH.  Fun and serious.  Good and tough.  A fairytale mixed with doses (sometimes large doses) of reality.  AND somedays...are like groundhog day...wake up, eat, work, work, did I say work, sprinkle in some motherhood, maybe rinse, and repeat!

Without my clients who often become friends, and without these construction zones I don't think I would appreciate what I have. 

With that being said...A HUGE virtual HUG and THANK YOU to all my couples!!  Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to post a review.  Referrals are the majority of my business and without you I wouldn't be able to do what I do!  THANK YOU is hardly enough...


(arlene chambers photography) 2017 couples couples choice love marriage photography seattle snohomish wedding wedding wire Tue, 10 Jan 2017 14:43:32 GMT
Michelle + Shawn:: Arctic Club and St. James Cathedral She had waited for this day for what seemed like forever.  With her Monique Lhuillier dress hanging in the window and her friends by her side Michelle was ready to enjoy the day ahead.
As we walked into the room, the moms were sitting on the floor folding programs, champagne glasses were bubbling over, and laughter filled the air.  It was the sight and sound of pure happiness. 
Family is of the utmost importance to Michelle.  It only seemed natural to have her mom, sisters, nieces there to help her get dressed.  Her mom zipped her in her dress, her sweet niece assisted with her Christian Louboutin shoes (which she purchased on one of her work trips in Paris) and her sister slipped her garter on Michelle’s sleek leg.  Her dad patiently waited in the hallway with her bouquet.  With special charms attached he was going to present the bouquet to Michelle.  There were such tender moments all throughout the day and so much love!
Shawn prepped downstairs at the Arctic Club…relatively calm. Thinking he had no special watch or cufflinks he was pleasantly surprised to open Michelle’s gift!  With the help of his dad, Shawn swapped out his cufflinks and met his guys at the bar in the lobby.  Having only one drink they toasted and Shawn headed upstairs for the first look.
Meanwhile Michelle was opening Shawn’s gift.  Expecting only the gift (as he is not a big card writer) she pulled out the biggest note she had ever received and yep…written by Shawn.  With tears streaming down her face she began to read ‘108 reasons I love you’.   She knew that she knew, he is definitely the one for her!! 
Michelle had wanted to do their first look on the balcony of her room…which coincidently overlooked Seattle with a view of Centurylink field.  With the Seahawks having a playoff game why not celebrate both! 
We snuck Shawn out to the balcony first greeted by his mom.  They have such a special bond.  Her first born,  and Debbie couldn’t be more proud.  Michelle wasn’t far behind.  She was so excited she almost lost her veil as it caught in the crack of the pavement.  That really didn’t stop her…she ran, he turned and they were both ecstatic.  I found myself smiling so many times throughout their photos as they are both have contagious energy.
The weather was incredible for January in Seattle.  Of course yes it was chilly, maybe even cold (as I stood in my parka and the ladies were in strapless dresses)…but it was dry!!  Michelle was up for anything.  We took in some of the sights around the block dodging traffic before it got too heavy with the game.  Nothing could stop these two from smiling.  
The bridal party joined us soon after and I must say were so fun to be around.  Having photographed Shawn’s other two siblings in years past, and their spouses being in the wedding party as well, made for a comfortable, jovial atmosphere.
It wasn’t long before we had to head to St. James Cathedral for family photos and the ceremony.  I could photograph around both of those areas for hours but unfortunately (as wedding days go) had limited time.
We were able to get some of the family photos done prior to the ceremony then entered the cathedral for their vows.  St. James is stunning.  Grand and elegant, and Michelle fit right in.  With her dad walking her down the aisle Michelle continued to beam.  She saw Shawn waiting at the end of the aisle and took his arm.  They both have so many family and friends it is encouraging to see the support they have. 
Everyone sat as they listened to the liturgy.  Father Ryan speaking of love and commitment.   Confirming they are ready for this step in their relationship.  Next, exchanging vows, the rings and a kiss…they were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. and everyone cheered!   They raced down the aisle and out the huge doors. 
British Motor Coach provided a get away car for them to have a private ride back to the Arctic Club for the reception.  Michelle and Shawn are fun…and when I say fun… I mean like up for anything.  They are easy going and free spirited so when we suggested trying to take in some Seahawk pride they were totally up for the idea.  We followed their car into a sea of tailgaters. With traffic being CRAAAAZY…we decided to find some random tents and hop out.  Of course they were greeted with open arms.  Fireball, jello shots, selfies, snapchats and cornhole.   This is what I call making memories on your wedding day! Michelle and Shawn could not stop laughing…needing to get back, they hopped in the car ready for their reception!
As guests enjoyed cocktail hour Sarah with EVENTful Moments Event Planning had the Arctic Club Dome room ready for Michelle and Shawn to have the first peek at the décor.  With hundreds of candles lit an overall golden glow filled the room.  The metallic details along with soft textures provided the element of balance,  mixing a few masculine items with floral feminine tablescapes.
It was exactly what Michelle had envisioned.
Throughout the whole day Michelle kept saying… ‘it feels like a movie, everything is so perfect and just what I wanted’.  Who doesn’t want to feel that way on their wedding day!??
Their grand entrance was filled with many hugs and the look on their faces…PURE JOY.  Enjoying their first dance right as husband and wife shortly after entering these two could hardly wait to get the party started. 
Dinner was enjoyed followed by some emotional toasts.  Shawn’s brother Brian recounted many childhood memories of ‘mostly’ looking up to his older brother.  Michelle’s sister, only 10 months older than her shared her thankfulness for being so close both emotionally and physically with her sister.  And Michelle’s parents…wonderful examples of love and togetherness and certainly a couple to admire.
As the mother-son and father-daughter dances were shared you could see the bonds and impact these parents have had on their children.    It was an example of being present.  You could see them simply in the moment.  
The Cakewalk Shop provided the towering, floral, 4-tier cake…they were kind to each other as they served each other and kissed!
The music shifted and DJ Danny opened the dance floor.  Michelle is one bride who took advantage of the time with her friends and family.  Dancing up a storm she was center stage most of the night (with the exception of a people doing the worm, or karaoke to ‘Sweet Caroline’).
Celebrating the Seahawks win that day, Sarah and I decided to slip on some Seahawk onesies I had received for Christmas.  Nothing could steal the show from Michelle and Shawn but we simply crashed the dance floor for a moment and joined them in a celebratory ‘Blue and Green Anthem’ dance!
The night ended to Michelle and Shawn running down the stairs at the Arctic Club through a crowd of streamers. 
They are soaking in life as Mr. & Mrs. until they leave on their honeymoon in a couple of weeks…destination unknown.  Gotta love surprise gifts right…Michelle’s only request…WARM!
Michelle & Shawn, you are kind, generous, and know how to laugh.  You are authentic and make others comfortable.  Your love for life and each other is very evident in all you do.  We feel so blessed to be welcomed into your family and now that all of you siblings are married off we will be over for game night!!  



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Reception Venue::  Arctic Club   
Ceremony Venue:: St. James Cathedral
Coordinator:: EVENTful Moments
Florist::  Flowers by Tiffany
Videographer:: Sure Shot Video
Cake Artist::  Cakewalk Shop
DJ::  WA Sound, Danny Goldfarb
Wedding Gown:: Brides For a Cause , Monique Lhuillier
Bridesmaids Gowns:: Vow to be Chic, Monique Lhuillier
Shoes:: Christian Louboutin
Tuxes::  Jos. A. Bank, Vera Wang
Robes:: Plum Pretty Sugan
Calligraphy:: Kirsten Rose, friend
Mirror Chalk Art:: Champagne & Chalk
Stationary::  Fine Stationery
Jewelers:: Joanne Wright & Company
Makeup:: Shannon Mercil
Hair Stylist:: 7 Salon, Miyoko
Officiant:: Father MIchael Ryan
Rentals:: Rented Elegance
                 La Tavola Fine Linen
                 EVENTful Moments
Chair:: Sweet N Designs
British Motor Coach:: Get away car
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
2nd Photographer:: Bob Chambers

(arlene chambers photography) Arlene Chambers EVENTful moments Photography Seahawks life louboutin love photographer photography seattle tailgate wedding Sat, 07 Jan 2017 08:12:00 GMT
Pushing Past Fear and Taking the Chance to Learn I must admit I really never liked school.  Reading a text book and applying it…hmmm not so much.  I did go to college and yes I did study…BUT watching and learning, talking things through now that’s a style of learning that really resonates with me.  

I never want to be above learning.  Whether it’s a You Tube video, an online class or simply a conversation with a new perspective…I always want to be open and willing to learn.  I mean gosh, I certainly don’t have this job or life all figured out.  In case you didn’t know… I am a parent, and shortly into parenting everything you think you know…your kids reiterate to you that you don’t. 

With weddings being intense and everyone managing them different, not to mention workflow, posing, and all that goes into dealing with a day that is multi-faceted…I thought why not attend a workshop.  Even if I learn a just few additional nuggets it would be worth it.   And meeting new people in the industry…even better.   

As I poked around Instagram one day I saw a workshop called Vine &Flourish by Kristen Marie Parker & Carly Bish.   Of course being in the industry you hear names, and see images everytime you click on anything social media wise.  So I followed links from page to page almost as if I was skipping through a field…and pretty much with a hop, skip and a jump, decided right then to sign up! 

It was a day filled, like full, full to the brim with a variety of topics, conversation, struggles, shooting, food, editing, and laughter too!   It is always encouraging to hear how others navigate situations, and how they deal with both the business side as well as the personal side of it all!

I think my biggest take away from the workshop was getting deeper into extracting organic emotion.  It’s what we all want to see in photographs… but when placed in front of the camera with tons of eyes on you I realize it’s hard for people.  Giving them things to do, subjects to talk about, ‘fun-tivities’ (as Kristen calls them, gosh I wish I would have coined that term)…it made me step back and really begin to feel again.  Putting myself in their shoes…to sometimes let silence do the talking …and…simply remembering to breathe.

The workshop also pushed me to consider one day sharing all I have learned...I am not a big public speaker (somehow a bridal party of 24 doesn't intimidate me but put a podium in front of me and whoa...I want to throw a blanket over my head and hide) but mentoring and sharing my own experiences.  2016 was a year filled with huge lessons...the word to describe it for me...perspective!!  We each have one...they are most like all different AND if we let it, it can be a powerful way to learn.  Between my past life in the escrow industry, customer service, traveling and now the photography world there is a lot to share and a lot to gain from listening to others!

Thank you Kristen and Carly for your perspective...for so many things you brought to the table that day…and for sharing your talent and love for what you do with all of us.  I loved connecting with gals from all over the country and seeing such new and different perspectives.  

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets’ –Leonardo DeVinci

Thanks to::

Creative styling by THATCH FLORAL


Paper Goods by LIBBY TIPTON

Hair & Makeup by OFF WHITE BRIDE

Outfits by NORDSTROM, ZARA  & an Alexandra Grecco skirt from THE DRESS THEORY

Models, Rachael  & Keith, recently married, and stunning models for the day. Thank you for spending the day with us…you make looking good look effortless!


(arlene chambers photography) couples education fear learn life live marriage photography photos seattle teach vineandflourish workshop Wed, 04 Jan 2017 14:13:41 GMT
Laura+Tyler:: Black Diamond Gardens When coffee brings you together it makes for a perfect match.  Well not sure if it was really the coffee but more Tyler’s sister Chealsea, who worked with Laura at Starbucks, that connected the two.
Laura’s dream of a guy who wore flannel and had a beard came true.  And  Tyler’s dream of a beautiful, sweet and loving girl, arrived at a time he was least expecting!  

Finding a location true to them was important for Laura.  Black Diamond Gardens seemed to be a perfect fit.  A rustic, garden with a greenhouse as a reception hall…and the hopes of an outdoor candlelight ceremony even if it was October.
Laura & Tyler each got ready at the venue with the venue providing a special bridal cabin.   It had a quaint lodge type feel.  Tyler and the guys were a bit more casual as they dressed along side the grooms trailer.  With the sun making an appearance they did their final dressing outdoors.
It meant so much for Laura to have her mom there to help her with some of her details.  Assisting with her dress and earrings as her bridesmaids surrounded her with support.
Tyler’s mom, Danielle, owner of NEST interior design, helped execute Laura’s vision for décor.  With a Harry Potter infused, romantic vintage inspired theme the greenhouse was transformed.    Lemon infused olive oil favors for the guests that read ‘Olive our love to you’ were a unique way to display name tags. 
Rich colorful florals dripped both out of her bouquet and around the venue.  All with the most fragrant of flowers.  I wish the photos were scratch and sniff cause I have never smelled such sweet aroma from a bouquet.  Books and candles, old medicine bottles with flowers lined the moss filled tables.   It was simply gorgeous.
The weather that day was warm with the sun shining down on Laura and Tyler pretty much all day.  They couldn’t have asked for better October weather especially considering it was raining all week prior.
We were able to wrangle the bridal party and dodge traffic on the busy road to take in some of the fall foliage.   They were all so excited for Tyler and Laura and each had such special friendships with them.
Finishing formals with the family and a having a chance to add in some candids of the cutest flower girl…who seemed to take a liking to my name rather than saying ‘cheese’ so the word of the day happened to be ‘ARRRRRRRLLLLLEEEEEEEENNNE’…she was absolutely hilarious (and made my day).

Laura and Tyler wanted a candlelight ceremony.  I must say it was something that was abit out of my comfort zone as in October once it gets dark…it gets DARK.  With the hopes of tiki torches lighting the aisle we quickly realized they weren’t staying lit.  Another part of my job is to stay flexible and make what we had work.  We did, and it was a calm, sentimental and absolutely beautiful ceremony.  Mid-way they lit a unity candle and took a moment to enjoy the silence and the view of all of their family and friends who were there to support them.  It was then they shared their light, and one by one everyones candle was lit and an amber glow lit up the night.   Phil, the officiant, shared his experiences of both the couple and each individually.  How he had seem them evolve into the people they are and how tender and genuine they are to not only each other but people in general.  
With rings exchanged they shared a kiss and ran down the aisle as husband and wife. 
They were ready to enjoy the reception and eat.   And with a desert table like they had, I was ready for cake ;)
The reception was filled with toasts and tons of adoration.  Listening to friend after friend and parents share stories of these two and their love made me tear up not to mention the bride and groom.  Tyler’s little brother, Nathan, captivated the crowd with his admiration of his big ‘brudda’ and impressed everyone with his verbiage. 
They shared cake and a kiss and then went into their first dance.  After enjoying their guests and dancing for a while they were ready to exit and head to their honeymoon the next day.  Everyone cheered as they left to an array of sparklers and I must say people could not be happier for them.  They have a tender love and sweet gentleness towards each other and I love how Tyler tends to Laura.

I am excited for you to start their life together and I hope your honeymoon was warm and relaxing!



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Venue::  Black Diamond Gardens 
Caterer:: K & F Catering
Coordinator::  Emma Wehmann, Simply Serendipity Events
Décor & Florist::  Danielle, Erickson, NEST
Videographer:: Best Made Videos, Reid Johnson
DJ:: Rian Souleles
Wedding Gown::  David’s Bridal
Hair & Makeup:: Sorrinda Salon, Michelle Pieromonacl
Shoes:: Modcloth
Bridesmaids Gowns::  Etsy
Rentals:: Vintage Ambiance, Seattle Farm Tables, Cort Party Rentals
Officiant:: Phillip Manginelli
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
Second Photographer:: Bob Chambers

(arlene chambers photography) Black Diamond Gardens NEST Seattle Snohomish arlene bicycle bike books candlelit chambers dark etsy family life love magical modcloth mystical nighttime photographer photography photos red seattle snohomish vintage wedding Sat, 22 Oct 2016 22:46:00 GMT
Briannah+Drew:: Monte Cristo Ballroom Drew was living with his friend and friends wife prior to meeting Briannah.  So when Briannah came along, Ben & Andrea not only approved they gave Drew strict instructions not to screw this up!  It didn’t take Drew long to know Briannah was a total catch and he wanted to make her his forever. Getting married on a Seahawk Sunday was perfect as they are avid fans and knew if the Seahawks won it would be good luck for them and it was!  Not only did they win but Briannah & Drew had the best day. 
The Monte Cristo has both a groom and bridal suite so it makes it easy for both parties to get ready.  Briannah and Drew effortlessly thought of everything.  They had special things here and there that really made their day unique.  Her choice of a muted blush palate with flowers that had a pop of red was executed beautifully by Laurel’s Floral Décor! 
Briannah had her bridesmaids, friends, aunt and mom all there to help her beautify, primp and get into her backless gown from LaineeMeg Bridal.  It fit her to a T and showed off her gorgeous tan! The groomsmen got ready and in the midst of it all Drew opened a couple of gifts, one from his best friend and roommate (a belt with an engraving about their ‘commonlaw’ relationship) and another gift from Briannah.  She did a special album for him of some tasteful photos for him!  I loved his reaction taking it all in, wondering when she would have been able to sneak away to do it. As the vendors buzzed around setting everything up Briannah & Drew opted for a first look.  We had a sunshine filled day and as Drew turned around he was stunned.  In awe of Briannah.  These two love with abandon and are most at ease when together.  Drew gifted Briannah with a white gold bracelet and a love note to accompany it…and Briannah gifted drew with a handkerchief with his own letter embroidered on the front.  I love all of the little special details that they did for each other…never trying to out do each other only wanted to make each other feel extra ordinary! As we walked around a few blocks of the Everett area…yes I find beauty in Everett too…we added the fun, spunky and spontaneous bridal party.  They were so kind and energetic with one groomsman, Elliott who deserves a shout out for carrying my bag for me…THANK YOU! 
Their crew knows how to laugh and I think Briannah may be the ring leader for their craziness!
Right before the ceremony we fit in family photos and then quickly tucked Briannah away before guests arrived.
The ceremony was gorgeous with an array of greenery draped over the front alter and simple yet elegant décor.  It was performed by their friend Dan and instead of traditional elements like communion they incorporated a marriage ‘shot’.  No not photography but a drink.  Vodka, rosemary, lemon and a few other things mixed together by each of them…shaken, poured and drank as a symbol of their love and commitment.  Incorporating something unique was awesome and adding that to their own vows and ring exchange made it that much more ‘THEM’.
They kissed and made it official and exited down the aisle dancing up a storm.  I can really tell these two are free to be themselves.  Uninhibited and completely genuine!  Absolutely refreshing!
Cocktail hour commenced and the venue put the final touches on the reception room.  Their décor was so tasteful and the room was stunning.  The aroma of frosting permeated the air from the sweets table.  Crystals of sugar and dripping frosting glazed the variety of items.  It was hard to photograph the table and walk away.  Although I must say I did indulge later in the evening…I can’t seem to resist a mini coconut cupcake!
Briannah & Drew danced their way into the hall to enjoy dinner followed by toasts from many of their bridal party, friends and family.  It was moving.  With a lot of them growing up on 116th street…it has much significance now.  Especially since Drew and Briannah now live on the same street and Briannah actually works on 116th in Bellevue.  It was meant to be.
As each toast started I would look over and see Drew snuggle into Briannah.  Briannah promising not to cry but wiping many tears with a hanky made from her late uncles shirt….Drew would lean in and kiss her on the cheek or shoulder and help her wipe her tears.  They have a gentle love.  A love that is endearing, authentic and one I admire.
Once the tears were wiped, the cake was cut and dancing began.  Now who knew these two cut a rug how they do.  You would think they had some practice on Dancing with the Stars but nope its all natural.  With a fun filled garter toss and an energetic crowd these guys danced hard and loved every minute of it. 
In order to pay tribute to the Seahawks they exited to green and blue pom poms prior to getting in their Rolls Royce  get away car.  The crowd screamed and cheered them on and it confirmed they are much loved and supported! 
Briannah everything your friends toasted to you about is true.  You are real, kind, full of life and absolutely one of the most sincere people I have met to date.  Drew…you are always so grateful and quick to thank everyone for even the smallest of things.  You two compliment each other so well it’s almost hard to write about.  I see such an equal give and take from you both and a self-less kind of love.  Thank you for inviting us into your life and for allowing us to be part of your special day.

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Venue::  Monte Cristo, Everett, WA 
Caterer & DJ::  Monte Cristo
Florist::  Laurel’s Floral Decor
 Sweets Table::  Pinkabella Cupcakes
Wedding Gown::  LaineeMeg Bridal
Hair & Makeup:: Christine Martin
Shoes:: Badgley Mishka
Bridesmaids Gowns::  Nordstom & Macy’s
Suits::  Jos A. Bank
Officiant:: Dan Dockstader
Videographer:: Best Made Videos, Reid Johnson
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
Second Photographer:: Bob Chambers
(arlene chambers photography) Badgley Badgley Mishka Ballroom Cristo Everett Go Hawks Hawks Laineemeg Mishka Monte Monte Cristo Ballroom Pinkabella Seahawks Snohomish arlene chambers family life love photographer photography photos seattle wedding Sun, 02 Oct 2016 22:59:00 GMT
Hannah+Ryan:: Hollywood Schoolhouse With My Space and AOL  first connecting these two and Ryan's high school curiosity pushing him to creep onto his friends instant messenger to message Hannah, they may just be the first couple to meet online. Ryan asked Hannah on a date and well as you can see she said yes...AND now 9 years later, they were ready to say ‘I Do’ to forever. 
It really hit Ryan 2 years ago that Hannah was not only the one, but HIS one for FOREVER!!  With their families so connected by this point it made it easy for Ryan to approach Hannah’s dad to get her parents blessing.    Funny thing was when Ryan went to ask Hannah's dad, he was already asleep and with the proposal being the next day it didn't really work out for his to technically 'ask'.  Luckily her brothers were around and happily gave their blessing and Hannah's parents, well, they already considered Ryan part of the family so when they heard the news officially they were thrilled. 
These two have been through a lot.  Basically growing up together, entering adulthood as well as being there for each other through some super difficult times.  Both sets of parents adore this couple but with Ryan’s mom passing away in April it made their special day both difficult and more important to honor her in some of the details throughout the day.
Hannah got ready in the home she grew up in since she was 5.  Photographing some of the details on and around the piano that has always been there was a nice way to add memory to their photos.  They had so many significant details.  Cufflinks of Ryan’s mothers thumbprint as a gift from Hannah.  Two little diamond bands for Hannah on days she can’t wear her beautiful marquise diamond.  Earring studs that were Ryan’s mothers were passed down to her along with enclosures. Hannah wasn’t sure about incorporating a garter as they weren’t going to do a garter toss however a few days prior to the wedding she asked her mom if she could wear the one she wore 30+ years ago.  Of course Joan was thrilled!!!  Hannah also found a tie clip for her dad and engraved the  message ‘I love you daddy’.  It didn’t take long to notice the tight knit relationship between Hannah and her parents.
The Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville was where the wedding and reception were being held.  Hannah added her final touches in the bridal suite.  Her brother’s dropped in, each with the gifts  from Ryan.  The 2 diamond bands, and the earring casings from Ryan’s mother.   Hannah was in awe, hugely surprised and was trying to take it all in.
Ryan was keeping calm as he dressed with the guys.  Writing Hannah cards and taking a moment to read the one from her that accompanied the cufflinks.  These two thought of everything! 
Ryan headed down to the courtyard area to wait for Hannah.  A bit nervous he requested that it be a private moment for the two of them.  Hannah looked stunning!!  With her hand made jeweled necklace, perfectly placed and dangling down her low cut, open back dress, she had never felt more ready to marry this man!
As she approached Ryan,  he turned, all smiles and pulled her in for a big kiss.  They were so happy!!  Happy to be in each others arms and to have a moment to calm each others nerves.  I love that a first look gives the bride and groom time to savor the moment and to feel whatever it is they feel without having a whole crowd of people staring at them!
We took in some of the area for their portraits then gathered the bridal party and headed to a few places in Woodinville on the party bus for their group photos.  Of course I couldn’t resist a warehouse and a rustic wooded area with an abandoned cabin and broken down truck (which may or may not have had a couch and mattress nearby)…all the makings of a starter home!!  These two are far past that with already owning their own home and being responsible adults! They have one amazing bridal party.  With such a large party they were so much fun and obliging…and probably the least amount of blinkers I have ever had!!  Which on a selfish note, makes my job easier when choosing bridal party photos!!  THANK YOU! We headed back to the venue for family photos and to start the ceremony.  As we walked in the décor was incredible .  Dripping florals, candle ambiance, rose petals sprinkled down the aisle and a alter area I have never seen before.  Simply by Tamara Nicole did one spectacular job executing the couples vision. They had a semi circle of flowers with chairs for both the parents on one side and MOH’s and Best men on the other.   The bridal party entered and stood along the wall at the front.  Hannah’s  mom walked down the aisle with Ryan’s dad…and Ryan patiently waited for Hannah to approach him accompanied by her dad.  It was beautiful and emotional.  The parents each wrote letters for Hannah and Ryan to open in 5 years, as well as handed the rings to them to exchange.  I loved being able to see their emotion along side Hannah and Ryans’.   They said their promises of forever and KISSED.  They exited as husband and wife and couldn’t wait to dance the night away.
Cocktail hour commenced and the room was transformed.  Working with Tamara was such a treat.  Her vision and ability to execute Hannah & Ryan’s dream was nothing short of amazing.   Centerpieces, menus, sprigs of greenery, nametags on glasses of champagne…nothing was missed. 
The cake by The Sweet Side, and additional treats from Lady Yum was decadent.  I loved that they chose a cake that was colorful with gold dripping from the top tier.  Who doesn’t love gold dripping from any and everywhere!? 

Toasts filled with love and intertwined with tears and laughter filled the room.  These two are loved…adored…treasured.  They paid much tribute to Ryan’s mother.  Reiterating that Ryan is gentle and Hannah is kind and she loved both of them and especially loved them together.  Memories of how they met and how their love has grown were shared and the support they have is overwhelming!  Everyone cheered and dancing began.
DJ Otto turned the music up and the lights down and after the first dances were shared the party began.  And let me say these guys can party.  They danced for hours with a full dance floor and enjoyed every minute with their friends.  The parents didn’t even sit back to watch and take it in, they joined them on the dance floor to celebrate all together!
Midnight struck and they ended the night driving off in a convertible '67 Camaro.  They had a perfect day however their honeymoon in Aruba was calling and they were so excited for some well deserved R&R. You two are a power couple for sure.  Dynamic and gracious and full of love!
We wish you many many blessings!!!!

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Venue::  Hollywood Schoolhouse Woodinville, WA 
Caterer::  Hollywood Schoolhouse
Coordinator:: Simply  by Tamara Nicole
Florist::  Christie Jones, friend
 Cake Artist::  The SweetSide
Treats:: Lady Yum
DJ::  Otto-Matic Music
 Wedding Gown::  The Dress Theory
Designer:: Katie May
Makeup:: Flawless Beauty Bars
Hair Stylist:: Tahnee Brock, James Alan Salon
Shoes:: Shoes of Prey
Bridesmaids Gowns::  Bella Bridesmaid
Suits::  Men’s Wearhouse
Officiant:: Kelvin Thomas
Bar:: Prive Bar
Rentals:: Grand Event Rentals
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
Second Photographer:: Bob Chambers & Brooks Scribner Photography




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Alexa+Kyle:: Hidden Meadows She was 15 and his bright orange Dodge Challenger caught her eye.  She knew at that moment she would marry this boy, her neighbor, the one she admired from afar.  Now Kyle being 19 at the time didn’t feel the same about ‘the neighbor girl’.  Never calling her by her first name Kyle continued to reference Alexa as ‘the neighbor girl’ to his parents, leading them to believe he wasn’t interested.  That was until one night Kyle hesitantly said to his mom ‘Mom I think we have a problem’.  His mom thinking she knew exactly what he meant looked over but before she could speak Kyle interjected ‘I am in love with the neighbor girl’.  It was then Kyle's mom knew these two were going to make this happen. 

These two definitely know how to love.  He admires her from afar but also appreciates her up close.  She gifted him with a special photo album with photos for his own eyes only.  As he flipped the pages and started to blush his groomsmen were rather inquisitive.  But having respect for his bride he kept it to himself. 
Alexa, adores Kyle.  Everything about him.  Tenderly caring for him and all of his hobbies.  They do everything together and have a bond stronger than super glue.
They were married at Hidden Meadows and it turned out to be a perfectly beautiful day.  A few hiccups along the way didn’t stop these two and their adventurous side.  We decided to go off site for a few photos in town and at the flower fields.  We made it back just in time to join the bridal party as they waited at the venue for photos. 
The ceremony was short and sweet and performed by Kyle’s cousin.  It included the children she nannies and two meaningful readings by Alexa’s brothers.   They kissed and made it official and celebrated down the aisle.
As cocktail hour began, we snuck in family photos prior to the grand entrance for the reception.  The night was slipping away fast but not before we caught the tail end of the golden sunset.  Before the sun dipped behind the hills of the Snohomish Valley Kyle & Alexa shared a kiss and a stroll along the railroad tracks.
As the reception progressed toasts were shared along with a touching story from Kyle’s mom.  Patrice shared how they had lost Kyle’s brother in a car accident 4 years prior.  It was then she saw a compassionate side of Alexa that was very different than the ‘stalkerish’ 15 year old she once knew.  Alexa cared for Kyle in a way no one else could.  She was there for him day in and day out.  When the nights were long and all you could do was cry.  She also showed Kyle’s mom and dad a persistent love.  Each month on the anniversary day the doorbell would ring and there would be Alexa with a bundle of roses for Patrice & Mike.  Finally on the one year anniversary Patrice told Alexa they were grieving but moving on…that she no longer needed to bring roses.  The next month the doorbell rang and Patrice opened the door…this time Alexa wasn’t there but the doorstep was covered in rose petals.  This girl knows how to silently show love and care. 
Patrice and Mike have received Alexa with open arms and these two families are united in a way that is very special.
It was a very touching toast and meaningful to say the least.  (It's even hard to write this and not cry)...
The night ended with dancing to Kyle & Alexa’s favorite music, EDM…headbanging and enjoying every moment.  I loved seeing a bride & groom together on the dance floor. You can tell they are in it for the long haul.  You two are young and vibrant and simply amazing.


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Venue::  Hidden Meadows 
Caterer:: Trails End
Florist::  Flowers By Tiffany
Cake Artist::  Friends, Teresa & Deborah
DJ & Photobooth::  Otto-Matic Mobile Music, DJ Otto
Wedding Gown::  LaineeMeg Bridal
Designer:: Stella York
Videographer:: Timeproof Productions
Makeup:: Anta, Friend
Hair Stylist:: Rachel, Friend
Shoes:: Sam Edelman
Bridesmaids Gowns:: David’s Bridal
Suits::  Men’s Wearhouse
Rentals:: Sweet Buffet Lady
Officiant:: Cousin, Rand Matter
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
Second Photographer:: Brooks Scribner



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Kailey + Statton:: Carleton Farms As they arrived at the venue, Carleton Farms, they could hardly contain their excitement.  Getting ready in separate areas yet nearby,  they did well to not run into each other.   They are young and in love, yet not the oblivious kind of love…the committed, dedicated kind that you can tell is going to last.
With both sets of parents still together they have amazing role models that have certainly shaped them and encouraged them through difficult times.
Kailey, a twin that was a surprise at birth and the 3rd of three girls, has been easy going from the start.  Nothing was different on this day.  She is laid back and easy breezy not to mention beautiful.
Statton, who his friends describe as OCD, has to be one of the most chill OCD people I have ever met.   With stories floating around of things happening to him (and his truck) that would make most cringe, Statton is the kind and gracious type that moves along extending a smile.  He takes this approach with Kailey as he is tender and knows just how to care for her.  The tenderness they have toward each other is evident to everyone around them.
With it being a HOT did I mention HOT day (in Washington), we decided to do their first look in a bit of shade.  They did so well to endure the hot sun although at one point we weren’t sure if Kailey was going to stay standing.  Her nickname being 'bird', she is also light as a feather and couple that with heat, lightheadedness can take its toll.
She made it through and we were able to enjoy a bit of the grounds with the bridal party and family.  What a great bridal party…fun, energetic, vivacious to say the least… add in one Canadian friend (no not me) and they laughed easily and celebrated Kailey & Statton.
The guests were starting to arrive and both Kailey & Statton were ready for their vows.  It was a quick service with a light breeze blowing and although her veil was beautiful, Kailey was trying to ignore it whisking over her face here and there.  It didn’t hinder the ‘I DO’s’ and they exchanged rings..and BAM…they were husband and wife!
Everyone was so excited to see these two tie the knot that there was nothing but cheering as they kissed and ran down the aisle.
Cocktail hour began and beer and wine were served.  Refreshing cold lemonade was the non-alcoholic drink of choice served at a fresh squeezed display from the caterer, J&L BBQ.
As toasts started, one part spoken by Stattons dad has stuck with me.  (Quoted as best as I can paraphrase)…’May you love each other for who you are today, the real you that will emerge as you start your marriage and the you that you will become.’  It is so true, we don’t stay the same, we are ever changing.  I think that’s the point…and to grow together with someone is so special.  Hearing that really resonated with me, and knowing they have that kind of love and support means Kailey & Statton will be just fine.
Another reason I know they will make it is  Kailey actually knows how to spell Statton’s name.  I think some of the groomsmen forgot at the bachelor party as the sign they made him had a bit of his name rearranged…’Sttaton’.  It was cute and a joke they had been talking about the whole day.
Sunset hit and what a treat to be able to have their first dance outside.  The golden summer sunset was absolutely perfect.  Maybe a bit sweaty but still beautiful!

Kailey & Statton the love and joy you have surpasses a lot.  Not to mention the respect I have witnessed between you both.  May you have many years of happiness and lovely memories like the ones you are making in Hawaii!


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Venue::  Carleton Farms 
Caterer::  J&L BBQ Joel Sexton
Florist::  Flowers By Tiffany
Cake Artist::  Mikes Amazing Cakes
Wedding Coordinator:: Sarah Elliot, friend
DJ::  DJ Aanshul -

Wedding Gown::  Bellevue Bridal
Designer:: Wtoo
Hair & Makeup:: I Love Blush
Shoes:: Nordstrom
Bridesmaids Gowns::  Bellevue Bridal
Suits::  Men’s Wearhouse
Rentals:: Cort Party Rentals
Officiant:: David Cooper, Together Forever
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
Second Photographer:: Brooks Scribner


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